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Become a regular donor to KYGN

Unlike a donation to a major charity, when you donate to KYGN you can be sure that every penny you give will go directly to our projects in Tanzania. As a small charity, even a seemingly small donation can make a big difference to the lives of some of the poorest children in the World.

Who we are

In 2006 Annamaria Kanondo visited the Mabogini area and was struck by the conditions in which young children, particularly girls, were living. In a country where most children attend primary school, Anna saw that many children in Mabogini, often girls, had no access to education at all. The extreme poverty in the area has also led to children facing severe neglect or abandonment, physical or even sexual abuse.


10 years later KYGN provides education for more than 150 girls (and some boys) in Mabogini. KYGN also acts as a social service in the area, working with village Chairmen and local authorities to support at risk families. In 2016 KYGN opened a safe house where, at any one time, 20-30 children can be offered a secure and safe home while a long term solution is found.

About us

What we believe

We believe that educating girls is paramount

Women who do not receive an education are far more likely to have a teenage pregnancy, have multiple children or contract HIV/Aids

We believe in the importance of local knowledge

Working with the community, not just for the community, is crucial. Our team is made up of strong figures in the community, allowing us to fully understand the needs of local people

We believe sustainability is key to success

Through the support of our local businesses and community funding, our vision for KYGN is as a fully self-sustainable organisation

Get involved
Get involved

You too can become a member of the KYGN community. From running a marathon, to taking part in a sponsored Kilimanjaro climb, to helping organise a fundraising event, there are so many ways to get involved with the work that we do. Alternatively you can come and volunteer with our projects here in Tanzania.

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